Riverfest Medallion Hunt Clues

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The medallion has been found! Check the chamber Facebook page for details.





1.     The mediallion hunt is on!  Find it before it’s gone.  Water is a big problem this year.  In this game, it will draw you near.

2.     Find a place where I will hold.  Where I hang sits out in the cold.

3.     I’m hidden where I probably won’t burn.  To miss it, all it takes is one wrong turn.

4.     Trace my roots to the portrait on a large bill.  Finding me will be a thrill!

5.     The tower is in view.  Which one is it? – you’ll have to choose.

6.     To find me takes some faith.  I don’t think you should look at Spaeth’s.

7.     Some need a key to get in.  Look underneath and you’ll win!


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